MicrAP Enterprises

This is a silly name for a non-existent company, although I do offer several different items for sale. I am a one man operation who does this microscope and diatom stuff for fun and as a hobby. So please be patient with me if I am slow to respond to your inquiries. I used to offer various adapters and micromanipulator but have closed that side of the business. If you are interested, I still have a link to the old page here .

I currently offer the following items for sale. Please contact me by email if you are interested in purchasing any of them.

Cleaned Diatom Samples

Zrax High Refractive Index Mounting Media

Microscopes and Accessories

Zrax label

Download pdfs on mounting and cleaning diatoms, and using Zrax.

Links to other diatom related sites, including our trip to Oamaru New Zealand to hunt for diatomite!

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last update 6/30/11