Yeast Management for the Home Brewer

There are a number of good resources on the web which describe how a home brewer can maintain and propagate his/her own yeast. It's not that difficult if you want to give it a try.  Below are some of the pages I have found useful.

An excellent site describing all aspects of yeast management for the home brewer. Click on the British flag to get English, then Yeast Culturing.  Many, many good illustrations. You can download the whole site to your own computer for easy access. Check out the section on long term yeast storage in distilled water!

Several articles on yeast from Maltose Falcons. Make sure to check out Dr. Raines great article on yeast at the bottom.  Dr. Raines also had a great article entitled "The Ins and Outs of Yeast Storage" in the March/April issue of Zymurgy 2007 pages 30-35.

An excellent little handbook in pdf format with pictures on making yeast slants and starters.

Dave Whitman's long term storage of yeast in buffer solution and distilled water.

Bill Pierce's BYO article on yeast ranching

Yeast Culturing for the homebrewer by Bill Coleman

Making plates and slants  from Braukaiser.

Making starters from plates or slants also from Braukaiser.

Yeast topics for the homebrewer.

Yeast information and technique resource.

Great writeup on yeast culture for home brewers from Australia

A really nice set of pictures of yeast culturing on Flickr

You may enjoy looking at my Yeast pages.
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